Constitution & Bylaws of the AASR


April 01, 2015

Article I

Name & Location

Section 1:Name

The name of the organization shall be Arnott Area Star Riders Snowmobile & ATV/UTV Club. ††††††††††††††††


Section 2:Principal Office

The principal office of the organization shall be the home of the presiding president.The organization may have such other offices as may from time to time be designated by its members or its Board of Directors.


Article II


Section 1:Affiliation


Article III

Mission Statement

Section 1:Mission

The purpose of this club is to maintain and improve snowmobile trails, snowmobile safety and local tourism in the greater Arnott area.


Article IV


Section 1:Active Membership

Any person who is interested or owns a snowmobile, 18 years of age or older, except as hereinafter stated, and of good moral and responsible character is eligible to become an active member of this organization, with full voting and other privileges, if qualified under such rules as the Board of Directors may provide.


Section 2:Voting

Each active family membership shall be entitled to two votes and each active single membership shall be entitled to one vote in the affairs of the organization.


Section 3:Duration Membership

Membership in this organization may terminate by voluntary withdrawal as herein provided or otherwise as provided in these bylaws.All rights, privileges and interest of a member in or to the organization shall cease on termination of membership.Memberships shall be nontransferable.Withdrawals shall be effective on fulfillment of all obligations to the date of withdrawal.No portion of fees or dues paid to the organization shall be refunded to a member whose membership has been terminated or suspended.





Section 4:Suspension and Expulsion

Suspension of an active family membership or single membership or impeachment of officers requires two-thirds majority vote.Notice of this vote must be sent to all active members seven days prior to the vote.A quorum must be present to vote.


Section 5:Amount of dues

The annual dues required for membership in the organization shall be determined by the vote of the active members, on recommendation of the Board of Directors.Dues may be varied from year to year, but dues shall be the same for all active members.


Dues must be paid on an annual basis.Children or legal dependents of active members under 18 years of age shall be considered members of the organization.


All applications for membership by new members must be accompanied with membership dues.The membership fees for the named president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, commercial membership representative, club membership representative, board of directors, and founding members are paid by the organization.


Article V



Section 1:Elections and Meetings

There shall be a meeting of the organization on the first Monday of October, each year, unless otherwise ordered by the Board of Directors, for election of officers and appointment of directors and committee chairs, receiving reports and the transaction of other business.Meetings shall be open to active members.Notice of such meetings, issued by the secretary and/or club membership representative, via email, mail or text to the last recorded address of each member or given personally at least seven days before the time appointed for the meeting.


Section 2:Quorum

? percent of the active membership of this organization, when present at any meeting, shall constitute a quorum, and in case there are less than this number, the presiding officer may adjourn from time to time until a quorum is present.


Section 3:Order of Business

The order of business at all meetings shall be as follows:

1.     Call to order

2.     Reading of minutes of previous meeting by secretary

3.     Treasurerís report

4.     Reports of committees as designated by president

5.     Trail report

6.     Unfinished business

7.     New business

8.     Adjournment


The order of business may be altered or suspended at any meeting by a majority of the members present.The usual parliamentary rules as stated in Robertís Rules of Order shall govern, when not in conflict with these bylaws.



Section 4:Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings of the organization shall take place on the first Monday of each month of the fiscal year.The dates for the monthly meetings may be changed from time to time by direction of the Board of Directors and notice to the membership in the manner prescribed for notice of regular meetings.



Section 5:Special Meeting

Special meetings of the organization may be called at any time by the president or in his/her absence by the vice president or secretary, on the written request of five active members or upon the majority of the Board of Directors.Notice of any special meeting shall be in the manner prescribed for notice of a regular meeting, and the notice must state the object of the meeting.? Special meetings for purchases.


Article VI

Officers & Directors


Section 1:Elective Officers

The elective officers of the organization shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer.Other offices and officers and committee chairs may be established and appointed by the active members of the organization at the regular annual meeting.


Section 2:Directors

The Directors of the organization shall consist of three active members, one being the immediate past president and two to be appointed by the newly elected president.If there is no active past president available a third Director shall be appointed by the newly elected president.


Section 3:Board of Directors

Board of Directors shall consist of elected officers and appointed Directors.


The day to day business and affairs of the organization may be managed by the Board of Directors.A regular meeting of the Board of Directors may be held at any time by a call from any member of the Board without notice to the club.


A majority of the Board of Directors and Officers shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


Section 4:Committee Chairs

Committee chairs shall consist of active members handling specific duties.


Section 5:Terms

Directors, the president, the vice-president, the secretary and the treasurer shall take office immediately upon their election, and shall serve for a term of one year and until successors are duly elected.Officers are eligible for re-election.Vacancies in the Board of Directors may be filled for the balance of the term thereof by a majority of the remaining members of the board.




Section 6:President

President shall be the chief officer of the organization, and shall be present at meetings of the organization and of the Board of Directors. He/She shall be a member ex officio of all committees.He/She shall communicate to the organization such matters and make such suggestions as may in his/her opinion tend to promote the welfare and increase the usefulness of the organization, and shall perform such other duties as are necessarily incident to the office.The president shall also have check signing or card usage authority.




Section 7:Vice-President

The Vice-President shall perform duties of the president during the absence of the president.He/She shall be a member ex officio of all committees.


Section 8:Treasurer

The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds of the organization from all sources, and deposit all such money in the name of the organization in such banks or other depositories as shall be selected by the Board; make expenditures as the Board shall indicate, sign all checks; in general perform all the duties incident to the office of Treasurer and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the president or Board of Directors.Funds may be drawn only on the signature of the Treasurer.


The funds, books and vouchers in his/her hands shall, with the exception of confidential reports submitted by the members, at all times be subject to verification and inspection of the elective officers and the Board of Directors of the organization.At the expiration of his/her term of office, the Treasurer shall deliver to his/her successor all books, money and other property of the organization.


Section 9:Secretary

The Secretary shall:keep the minutes of the organization and Directors meetings; see that all notices are given to membership and to members of the Board of Directors as required by these bylaws or by resolution of the Board of Directors; be custodian of the records of the organization; keep a register of the post office address of each member of the organization; in general perform all duties incident to the office of secretary and such other duties as from time to time may be delegated or assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.


Section 10:Officers

Election of organization officers, directors & committee chairs shall take place annually at the time and place of the regular election meeting.Only active members shall be eligible for office and entitled to vote.Candidates who receive a majority of votes so cast shall be elected.


Article VII

Recall or Impeachment


Recall or impeachment of elected officers, directors & committee chairs.





Article VIII

Fiscal Year


The fiscal year will run from September 1st. to August 31st.



Article IX



Section 1:Amendments

These bylaws may be amended, repealed or altered, in whole or in part by a majority vote at any duly organized meeting of the organization.Notice of this meeting must be sent to all active members seven days prior to the meeting.





Article X



Section 1:Liabilities

Nothing herein shall constitute members of the organization as partners for any purpose.No member, director, officer, agent or employee shall be liable for the acts or failure to act of any other member, director, officer, agent or employee of the organization. Nor shall any member, director, officer, agent or employee be liable for his acts or failure to act under these bylaws excepting only acts of omissions arising out of his willful misfeasance.


The organization shall not be responsible for liability to members or third persons arising out of or incident to any organization sponsored event or any meeting of organization members, directors or officers.


Article XI



Section 1:Finances

This organization is not intended as a profit-making organization, nor is it founded with the expectation of making a profit.This organization shall use its funds only for objects and purposes specified in these bylaws or its articles of ?.


Section 2: Bonding

Persons entrusted with the handling of organization funds may be required, at the direction of the Board of Directors to furnish, at organization expense, a suitable fidelity bond.


Section 3: Organization Depository

The Board of Directors shall have the power to select one or more banks in the County of Portage, State of Wisconsin, to act as depositories of the funds of the organization and determine the manner of receiving, depositing and disbursing the funds of the organization.


The Board of directors shall further have the power to determine the form of checks to be used in disbursing such funds and to determine and designate the person or persons by whom the checks shall be signed, and to change such depositories, the person or persons authorized to sign such checks, and the form of such checks, at will.




Section XII



The Board of Directors may adopt insignia, colors, badgers and plaques for the organization as it deems desirable.


Section XIII



The organization may dissolve and wind up its affairs in the following manner:The Board of Directors shall adopt a resolution recommending that the organization be dissolved, and directing that the questions of such dissolution be submitted to a vote at a meeting of members having voting rights, which may be either an annual or a special meeting.Written notice stating that purpose, or one of the purposes, of such meeting as to consider the advisability of dissolving the organization, shall be given to each member entitled to vote at such meeting, within the time and in the manner provided for the giving of notice of an annual meeting.A resolution to dissolve the organization shall be adopted upon receiving at least two-thirds of the votes entitled to be case by members present or represented by proxy.Upon dissolution of the organization any funds, equity, shall be donated to another club of voting choice.


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